DT31 dt31detaildetail
Documented Tracks 31 2015 ink and pencil on violet primed paper 122 x 162 cm.

dt32 dt32detail detail
Documented Tracks 32 ink on paper 122 x 162 cm.


paf bomen dedetail 360 bomen detail
Pa-f 360'trees 2010,ink on paper, 125 x 155 cm

story of my life 2008 detail somldetail

Story of my life, ink on paper, 125 x 140 cm

kralingse bos detail kralingse bosdetail

kralingse bos, 160 x 120 cm. ink on paper (repro f. de Jong)

castelfranco detail detail
castelfranco, 120 x 140 cm., ink on paper

route stedelijk detail detail
route SMA, 140 x 125 cm., ink on paper

catania detail detail
catania, 125 x 140 cm., ink on paper

capelle detail detail

reactie 2 reactie 1

reactions on story of my life 1 and 2, grafite on paper, 100 x 120 cm