What is PodiumPost?

PodiumPost is an e-mail list for people who would like to receive information about concerts of jazz, improvised, electronic, and new music in a number of alternative stages in Amsterdam. These are:

  • Trytone Festival - jazz and improvisation in Zaal 100 every 1st and 3rd Wednesday 
  • Zaal 100 - jazz and improvisation every Tuesday and occasionally other concerts 22.00
  • Zaal 100 "the Workshop" every 2nd and 3th Wednesday moder clasical music 22.00
  • Muziek @ ASCII - improvisation and electronics in the ASCII Internet workspace Sunday afternoons 
  • Kraakgeluiden in de Binnenstad - improvisation and/with electronics in the OT301 and other locations 
  • The Karnatic Lab - composers and musicians explore new possibilities of South Indian infuence on contemporary music and jazz every third Thursday of the month 
  • OT301 - irregular improvisation concerts in the former Film Acadamy on the Overtoom 
  • Concerten Tot en Met - Concerts with an accent on contemporary chamber music organised by young composers in the Posthoornkerk 
Who is the PodiumPost for?

PodiumPost is for the general public, musicians, organizers and press who are interested in the breeding grounds of Amsterdam musical life. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to the PodiumPost at any time. Above all, is the PodiumPost totally FREE and there is no advertising.

To Subscribe:

Send an email to: majordomo@desk.nl
Subject: subscribe podiumpost
Message: subscribe podiumpost

or from another account, besides your own email account:
Message: subscribe podiumpost myown@emailaccount

To Unsubscribe:

Send an email to: majordomo@desk.nl
Subject: unsubscribe podiumpost
Message: unsubscribe podiumpost

or from another account, besides your own email account:
Message: unsubscribe podiumpost myown@emailaccount

Whom is the PodiumPost NOT intended for?

PodiumPost is NOT meant for concert announcements from official presenters or venues, nor for unrelated postings or for commercial companies or people to introduce or sell stuff.

IMPORTANT: mail to PodiumPost can only be sent by the above mentioned organisations. Announcements made by others do not get posted and only clutter up the mailbox of the list owner. DO NOT MAIL ANYTHING TO PODIUMPOST@DESK.NL, unless you are an organizer of one of the seven venues!!!


To respond personally to the writer of a message, simply hit REPLY.

To send a message to the list owner (only if you have trouble unsubscribing, or have questions about the list itself): Send an email to: owner-podiumpost@desk.nl

Individual Lists:

Individual lists also exist for each of the organizers of the above-mentioned concert series. If you do not want to be on the PodiumPost list, but would like to receive information from one or more specific lists, you should write directly to those organizers. Here are the links to the websites of the various concert series:


The e-mail addresses on the PodiumPost mailing list are kept completely private. Only the administrator of the list has access to the addresses and under no circumstance will that list be misused, sold, or made public. Subscribers will therefore not receive any junkmail or spam.

More info about the stages and organizations:

The PodiumPost is an initiative from seven organizations for jazz, improvisation, experimental, electronic, and new music concerts in several alternative stages in Amsterdam. They constitute the breeding grounds that are needed to keep this music going.These concerts are a part of a unique local scene and are attended by the general public and a regular devoted crowd. The stages are not or hardly subsidized and the musicians are not paid. There is rarely money for publicity, and e-mail is a cheap and effective way to reach the public. By subscribing to the PodiumPost you will be kept up-to-date on all the latest events happening in Amsterdam, and will have the opportunity to experience the very latest in these musical areas.


You can search and read through past messages in the Archive. Click here to go to the Archive.

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